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Let's Meet

Gabriel Caramis

I am Caramis,
Human Being Full Time |  Woobble

Visionary, Creative and most of all passionate about #Digital.

My experience taught me to understand that having an online business is not enough because you want to create an impact on your business and user interaction.

Alexandru Pirlog

I am Pirlog,
Human Being Full Time | Managing Director Wooble

I am the guy that knows better when, where and in what to invest.

I am the Brains sometimes since Caramis is that visionary guy in the business.

I’ve joined Woobble since the first day even if I was skeptical about the growth or the success that we have regarding our client focus and transforming digital adventures in reality.

Daniel Barbu

I am Daniel,
Human Being Full Time | Social Media Marketing Woobble

I am that “guy” which makes Communication possible.
I am passionate also about Cyber Security, Disruptive Technology and that’s not even the half story.

I’ve joined Woobble because I believe people can make the difference between Technology and Digital Innovation

Alina Dote

I am Dote,
Human Being Full Time | Chief Executive Wooble

I am Dote, #InstaWoobbler and the picture perfect girl.

You know what they say that a picture can tell 1000 words. Someone had to do it first, I am #BadAss when it comes to promoting products on Social Medi where you really wanna make the difference. I am passionate about Painting, Fashion, and Photography

Teodora Birda

I am Teodora,
Human Being Full Time | PPC Specialist Woobble

I am Teo, Digital Woobbler.

I am passionate about Writing, Analyzing, Implementing Social Campaigns.

I like numbers, Well someone has to do the hard work around here and improve our client rankings online

Marian Dobre

I am Marian,
Human Being Full Time | HR Partner Woobble

I am Marian, the coach of these amazing Humans.

I believe in unity, diversity and most of all in vocation. I train the guys to have a unique blend of communication, understanding and most of all efficiency in order to use Time Management, Project Management, Business Development and Personal Development to their path.


Our Vision
Digital Transformation.

We want to TRANSFORM, the way you see the online businesses by speaking, listening and sharing online.