This project was implemented with the needed love from the Woobble team in order to make it look and interact with the customer in the way that it does.



However, after analyzing all the website requests and starting to code everything came to life.

The project management involved in this process scheduled every step in the workflow to have a flawless communication and clear expectations in order to launch the website.


The technology used to create https://myrooms.co.uk/ stunning website is:

WordPress, PHP, Bootstrap, jQuery,


My Rooms




PHP; Bootstrap; jQuery

Project Manager

Gabriel Caramis

MyRooms seems to be a fastest growing accommodation Website in London according to the CEO of the company. The project was designed on WordPress due to the easy way of updating your account, (whereas a user you can easily add a property/ update it change it) from a Landlord point of view, but also due to the way the project was created making it intuitive to navigate it and to see exactly what your location of heart is, and where.

My Rooms0
My Rooms1
My Rooms2
My Rooms3